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How to Keep the Tongue Healthy Well, your tongue is a major and significant component of your oral health and hygiene. It is unfortunate that the component is forgotten by many, as they only concentrate on the teeth and gums. In addition, the tongue is a vital organ since it enables other significant things including tasting and swallowing and talking. Ensuring that the tongue is healthy is as essential as caring for the gums and teeth. Failure to care for the tongue may cause build up which mainly appears white. As a result, the buildup enables bacteria to breed and survive in the mouth. As a result one may experience bad breath. If the bacteria continues thriving, then more advanced issues such as tooth decay and gum disease occur. In Northbrook, there are several dentist clinics to offer oral hygiene to the residents. A good example is Northbrook Dental. This and other Northbrook oral care clinics provide efficient and effective services to patients. They take care of both the noticeable and unnoticeable problems. Notably, Thrush is a major illness. Mostly, babies, older people and those with weak immunities are at the highest risk of the illness. If untreated, the problem could worsen and also spread to the esophagus bringing about swallowing problems. For tobacco smokers, they can mainly suffer a condition named Leukoplakia. This condition can be very dangerous since it can develop into mouth cancer. Therefore, keep visiting your dentist regularly, especially if you realize developing white patches on the tongue. The development and appearance of red spots on the tongue is another common illness. It mainly comes about due to the lack of sufficient b-12 folic acid. In addition, there is a sore tongue problem whose main cause is tongue biting and grinding. If the symptoms last too long, see your dentist for an examination. Further, a black and furry tongue is another issue. The condition mainly results from increased build up of bacteria and yeast. Some of the causes include drug use, HIV, radiation treatments, tobacco smoking and also poor oral hygiene. Ensure the tongue remains healthy by scrapping it and thus keeping away yeast and bacteria build-up. Be keen while rinsing to ensure you get rid of all the dirt. In addition, ensure your diet contains meals that enhance the tongue health and discourage bacteria breeding. Some of the iron rich foods that strengthen the tongue include leafy greens, poultry and red meat. Antimicrobial food options include mushroom, garlic, onion, and ginger. Finally, give your tongue’s health attention and ensure you see the dentist every six months, get professional checks as well as cleanings.A Simple Plan: Options

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