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The Different Types of Rods and Reels Used for Fishing

It is critical to have information regarding the different types of rods and reels there are in the market. We discuss the different types of rods and reels that are available for you.

The three types of reels

The first type of reel is called spin-cast reel, also known as closed-face reel. For the less experienced, this the cheapest one and best for you. The reel is weak and will be damaged soon if you will be catching large fish. Some comes with a push button for casting them, and this makes them easy to use. To prevent the reel from bending, an enclosed nosecone is used. The reel is mostly used to catch small fish by kids and some fishers.

The second type is the spinning reel which is also called open-faced reel. This type is used by professionals and is the best in casting light worms, lures, minnows and other lightweight baits. It takes longer to gain experience on how to use this type of reel.
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This type of reel is expensive and not the best for the inexperienced people as the line can easily tangle.
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Finally, we have the bait casting reel used by the experience people who are after big fish. A heavier bait than the ones used in other reels is used in this kind of reel. This type of reel is the most costly one and toughest to learn.

The spinning and the spin cast reels are readily available in most shops, but the bait casting reel is most of the time found in more developed outlets.

Mostly, fishing rods and reels are usually sold as a pair, but you can purchase a single piece.

Some rods are longer while other rods are shorter, but all rely on the kind of reel it will be combined with.

The different rods available

Bait casting rod is a type of rod used together with a bait casting reel. To avoid the rod from breaking or bending when big fish is hooked, the rod is supposed to be strong. Long bait casting rods are best suited for use in deep sea and waters with some obstacles.

The spinning reel rod is the other kind. This is one bends easily than the other types of reels.For sky fishing, this kind of rod is the best one. The last type on the list is the spin-cast rod that is used together with a spin-cast reel. This is the best for beginners since it is easy to master how to use it.

Various rods and reels exist in the market. Different types of reels and rods are used in different places where they are most efficient. It is your call to choose the right pair for you.