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Important Things You Should Do After A Car Accident.

Six million car accidents happen in this country every year. Property damage is widespread. Personal injury is also a consequence of the car accidents. The driver or the passengers can also succumb to personal injury. Other accidents are fatal because they result in death. These are fatal accidents.These are unfortunate accidents. There are some simple things that you should know that you should do after you are involved in an accident
You is supposed to stop the car immediately. This is what should happen when the accident is major or minor. Make sure you stay at the site of the accident. You should also prevent any other accident from happening at the site. You are supposed to do this by setting up a flare and car flash lights. A flash light is an important tool to have in the car. This is that you can use it if your lights will not be working and the accident has occurred at night. Make sure that you stay away from oncoming traffic. You can wait for help or medical attention away from oncoming traffic.

Make sure that you call the authorities. It is very important that you call the cops after an accident. The police should be called even when the accident is minor. Most insurance companies require you to have a police report when you are filing your claim. The vehicles should not be moved before the police come.

Tell the police the truth about the accident. Give all the details you can remember about the accident. Give all the information required. Do not assume anything about the crash. If you do not know an answer that the police require just tell them that you are not sure. This is important because there are times when the injuries of an accident are felt much later after the accident. The injuries are felt after a while. When you want compensation, they will refer to the police report. This is the reason you are advised not to alter any facts about the accident.

If you have a camera or a smartphone make sure that you take photographs of the damaged vehicles. Do these while not affecting the activities of the police. The photos will provide a good referral point in case of litigation.
Make sure that you exchange personal information with the other party. The cops will ask for this information. The are times when the police will be late you should take the contact information from the other driver. You should also exchange insurance information too.