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The Benefits To Hiring A Company That Provides International Freight Forwarding Services

Importing items from another country is not an easy task, as many rules and laws must be followed to ensure the products are being brought into the country legally. Trying to do it without the proper knowledge can lead to delayed shipping times and the accrual of fees and fines for not being in compliance with international trade laws. A company that assists with international freight forwarding can help by offering the following services.

Customs Clearance

All items that enter a country from a foreign origin must pass through customs to ensure compliance with any federal laws and statutes. A customs company can make this easy by providing assistance with the customs process and filing the necessary paperwork to ensure items are released from the department as soon as possible. This will help prevent delays and allow a buyer to have access to their goods as quickly as possible.


One of the greatest benefits to using a customs and forwarding company is being able to utilize them for the distribution of goods. Rather than having to deal with the shipping of items on their own, many in the business of importing foreign goods allow their customs company to ship items on their behalf. This saves time and allows the individual to fulfill orders quickly, which will lead to happy customers and increase the chances of repeat business.

Short-Term Storage

Some shipments arrive sooner than expected or will experience delays during the customs clearance process. A customs company that offers short term storage will charge a nominal fee to store the items for a short period, which can help when processing delays occur. Don’t stress the idea of having to find storage for items, when a customs company will know of any possible delays and keep a person’s things safe until they can be released for delivery.

Transferring items form a foreign country can be time consuming and expensive if not done properly. Make the process simple by letting the team at JS Forwarding help with each step of the process. From customs requirements to shipping arrangements, they can help anyone make easy work of importing goods without breaking the bank.