What Type of Coverage Should I Add to My Homeowners Insurance?

12/06/2023 By Qin

Many homeowners don’t know exactly what their insurance policies cover, and that can lead to expensive issues down the road. Following a major disaster or mishap, you want to be absolutely sure that your insurance policy is going to help you get back on your feet. Here is a closer look at some insurance riders and endorsements that you might want to add to your homeowners policy.

Business Equipment

If you run a business from your home or keep any of your company’s equipment on your property, then you need to upgrade your coverage. Your insurance provider won’t help you replace that equipment unless you specifically add it to your current policy. Even if you only work from home a few days a week, you should still consider adding a business equipment rider. That rider might even help you recoup your losses if your company’s data is stolen while you are working from home.


Everyone who lives in a flood zone should have some type of coverage for water damage. An example of that would be an individual who has homeowners insurance Daytona Beach FL. Adding endorsements for tropical storms could be invaluable next time a major storm surge moves through the area. This type of coverage is also a good idea if you live near inland water sources such as creeks, rivers, and lakes.

Valuable Personal Property

Almost all of the personal items in your home will be covered by an entry-level homeowners policy, but your valuables are a different story. Antiques, collectibles, and jewelry are rarely covered unless you have added each individual item to your policy. Those types of possessions will most likely need to be assessed by your insurance provider as well.

As your circumstances continue to evolve, you might need to make changes to your insurance policy. Once every few months, homeowners should take a fresh look at their policies to see if any riders must be added or removed.