Business Management And Entrepreneurship, Algonquin College, Ottawa Ontario

By refita

The need for rapid organizational change is a fact of life in today’s business environment. Students from the business school have recently traveled and studied in China, Africa and Eastern Europe including Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic. Universal in Nature: Management is universal in nature i.e. it exists everywhere in universe wherever there is a human activity.

The programme is closely linked to industry and the flexibility of the programme enables students to pursue personal learning goals and career aspirations by selecting their own journey through their studies from a range of business disciplines. Additional potential careers include management analyst, retail store manager, hospitality manager, human resources administrator and small business manager.

Through the Information Technology Management Specialization, students gain the administrative knowledge needed to meet the demands of corporate technology systems including problem solving, resource allocation, networking, security, and more. The course culminates in the student being able to build a professional business plan of their intended enterprise.

Conflict management involves implementing plan, policies and procedure to minimize the negative aspects of conflict. However, if traditional project management is somewhat ineffective, it’s time to examine other methods of designing and delivering projects.

No matter what the business product or service offered – customers have choices. Today, ‘focus’ has become the guru mantra for teams all over the business world. Imagine how much more your business could achieve if you had someone that would help you focus on your goals.