Entry Modes Franchising

23/10/2018 By Qin

The focus of the courses offered by the MSc in Economics and Business Administration – International Business is the internationalisation of businesses and related international activities. In readiness for your future career, you will develop a range of skills that employers value: the ability to identify and solve business problems and to effectively communicate your ideas. This course examines the unique problems associated with managing organizations during mergers, reorganizations, and other times of change.

The data for assessment and contact hours is compiled from the most populous modules (to the total of 120 credits for an academic session) for this particular degree programme. You will cover the key business topics of accounting, marketing, finance, and economics.

This will throughout the programme be related to real and complex business problems. Law for Business develops your understanding of some of the key principles of law, in terms of how they relate to business and commerce, and apply these to problem situations within a typical business environment.

Design marketing plans for developed and emerging markets that reflect their unique cultures, management styles, business practices and operating environments. It is accredited by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, and accepts both Finnish and international students.

The region also boasts numerous small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that have international or internationalized activities, and will welcome your skills. A key feature of our MIB is a unique master’s consultancy project that lets you apply your international business knowledge to a company’s real-world challenges.