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Cockpit of the future

15/11/2022 By Qin

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In 1946, General Motors Overseas Operations established a Batavia Branch (later renamed “Djakarta Branch”) to continue the pre-war activities, building nearly 20,000 vehicles in the next six years. By 1953, activities had mostly ended as Sukarno’s pro-Chinese government took power. As of 1954 local partner PN Gaya Motor continued alone; the Indonesian government took over the assets in April 1955. The government-run operations did not take good care of the plant and 60 percent of the run-down assets were sold to PT Astra Motor in 1969.

  • With vehicle functionality improving with every new model, this means a continuous increase in the semiconductor content per car.
  • Like revenue, the added value in production will increase in upcoming years.
  • In 2019, 96.3 percent of cars and trucks sold in Indonesia are from Japanese brands.
  • By working with automakers to deliver these experiences in ways that