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01/09/2022 By Qin
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Can you enter portugal as a vaccinated Serbian citizen by way of flight from Hungary? I too have the identical question as Alberto regarding the definition of “laboratorial” speedy antigen check and acceptance of rapid antigen checks carried out in pharmacies. So utilizing the resource posted by Maiia Sleptcova, it appears that rapid antigen test acceptance is regulated through a “frequent listing” of speedy exams recognized as acceptable by the EU.

Travel News

It also seems, if I’ve understood the webpage properly, that mainland Portugal would settle for a adverse covid test end result prior to arrival. Read the part under additional information/vaccinations fastidiously. A valid Canadian vaccination certificates isn’t sufficient. The link you supplied does say Pfizer and Moderna are accepted. I also concur that Canadian vaccine certificate info appears to satisfy Portuguese entry reqs, however the issue of reciprocity is still confusing.

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