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Tips for Choosing the Right OBGYN

Now that you’re expecting, you’re going to see the doctor lots of times. Perhaps you’re yet to find the right doctor. Maybe she’s a terrific gynecologist but doesn’t perform obstetrics. Perhaps you’re in search of an epidural but your medical doctor supports natural birth. No matter your reasons for finding a new medical doctor, follow the tips below to make your work less difficult.

Obtain referrals

To begin, ask for a list of referrals from your doctor. Other good sources of referrals include your mates, family members, and other medical professionals. Take your time to research the experience and credentials of doctors. As you trim down your list, call each and every OBGYN facility and schedule a meeting to interview the doctor.
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Consider the experience of the OBGYN
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When you have a complex gynecologic issue or high-risk pregnancy, experience is vital. A doctor that’s more experienced with your condition or procedure is likely to produce better results. Some OBGYNs specialize in obstetrics while others exclusively specialize in gynecology. Others focus on the treatment of gynecologic cancer. Ask how many patients with your problem the medical doctor has treated.

Take gender into account

It’s vital that you’re comfortable with your doctor’s gender as you’ll need to candidly discuss private information. Consider if gender is vital for you and if it may feel weird or inhibiting to speak to an OBGYN of a specific gender. But for potentially serious medical problems, don’t turn your back on the best care for ladies simply due to the OBGYN’s gender.

Research hospital quality

Your hospital should be doctor’s hospital. Thus, research the quality of care at the medical facility where your OBGYN works. The quality of a hospital is very important as patients at the best hospitals have better survival rates and fewer complications. In addition, consider whether the location of the hospital matters to you. Frequent visits to and from the practice may mean that you find a practice that’s conveniently located to manage this.

Peruse patient satisfaction surveys

Reading other people’s opinions about a medical doctor can provide clues about how the doctor practices medicine, and how they operate their medical practice. Patient satisfaction surveys usually seek to find out the experience of patients with scheduling appointments, wait times, office friendliness, as well as office environment. You have to find out how much time the medical doctor spends with patients, how well he/she is trusted by patients, and how well he/she answers questions.

Find out what your policy covers

To get the most out of your insurance and part with the lowest amount for your care, be sure to select an OBGYN that’s within your plan. However, as you select a doctor from your plan, you still need to consider hospital quality, experience, credentials, and results.