The Art Of Giving In Business Networking

09/02/2020 By Qin

An alone man cannot move successfully and happily in his life. Everyone in this world needs relations, friends, and other connection to step forward. We meet lots of people in our life. Some of them stay for long times while others leave soon. Making connections, which long forever, is the essence of any relationship and is an art in itself. Making or building a relationship may not be tough task but keeping the relationship as strong is the main job.

Business networking is also of similar nature. Business networking is actually the art of marketing yourself in front of other business people who may help you and get something from you in reply. But marketing yourself in the right way is the most important thing to be kept in mind while meeting with people in business meetings. This is important because you create your image and impression once. It is very difficult or nearly impossible to change your image especially in business networks. So, keeping it in right direction will help you; otherwise you lose.

In business, first thing to be kept in mind is the principle of victorious giving and then victorious receiving. Always try to volunteer in the business meeting and organizations. Be known as the giver and the volunteer. It should be apparent that you are giving enough and in fact you are the only one who is doing the giving. Always remember that giving others never go in waste. It pays you on long term basis. It sets up a foundation of a flood of referrals for you on a steady, enduring basis. These referrals will generate more referrals and more contacts beyond your imagination. These are actually all your giving to others which pay you in reply in future. It operates just like a universal law and shows its results to you. Don?t only portray but try to be the go- giver instead of being a go-getter. All you?re giving will come back to you several times multiplied.

But don?t expect it to pay you so quickly as I said earlier it is long term investment. Sometimes you get results very quickly but sometimes it takes enough time. Sometimes it proves to be just like the cause and effect relationship and you get the effects out of cause immediately. Sometimes you need to wait enough for years to get continuous and enduring receiving. Sometimes we get more visible and tangible results while others are there who are unable to understand the effects. But it is really true that giving pays you; one way or the other.

Wallace D. Wattles wrote a book ?The Science of Getting Rich? which makes you aware of many principles and gives certain tips to become financially rich. He rises the point that if you are genuine and authentic in your doings of giving. It not only makes you rich financially but also keeps you prosperous and healthy in all the aspects of life.