Business Management BBA

By refita

A business and management studies degree prepares you for a career in business, which may stretch across any sector or industry. In practical business terms, management controls, in a private company or public organizational environment, are used daily by managers and employees to accomplish the identified objectives of an organization (private company, public organization, or business entity, called ‘enterprise’ in this article).

The paper is also designed to direct the studentÂ’s study of the specific project management knowledge areas (based on the PMBOK) and the various project management processes and, with the help of practical examples and assignments, to enable the student to apply the skills the student needs in order to perform more effectively in project environments.

In strategy basically there are three levels out of which one is the corporate level in which decisions are the most important over here out of which most important is the decision taken by the head of the business which is the resulting scope and idea of the business.

Previous graduates have gone into employment in a wide range of management positions in industry, Management commerce, banking, finance, manufacturing and the public sector while many others have entered graduate training schemes with international companies such as IBM, Credit Suisse and BMW.

As well as providing a great social network with inter-house social events and competitions, each house has student mentors who provide help and advice as you settle into Business School Life and you meet your house’s alumni champions – successful graduates who share tips and advice about how to develop a career in their chose profession.