Do you want to make a video for your company?

10/05/2023 By Qin

My experience as a director for TV or corporate productions (reports, ads, music videos, graphic films) allowed me to test the simplest and most effective solutions for your video productions success. There are many similar enterprises but toronto video production has gained a lot of production.

These solutions are based on production methods that we propose and which are based on 3 tips:

1 / Define your needs, your objectives

Internally and with the help of the service providers that you consult for the quote, it is essential to precisely define your needs, you’re strategic objectives, the messages to be communicated, the targets to reach and the means at your disposal. The video for your company can address all topics; communicate all information, whether through a story, an advertisement, or a recorded message. The more accurate and focused your message is, the more impact your video will have. It’s better to make short, goal-oriented videos than to cover all themes at once.

2 / Choose the video production company:

Some may be tempted to choose names of known companies, large agencies that produced the latest campaign Coca-Cola or Volkswagen! I think this is a mistake because the budgets you propose will not allow mobilizing a big team. I would advise you to work with small or medium sized agencies made up of experienced professionals. You will have more chance to motivate a small agency than a big one. You will gain in responsiveness and efficiency.

3 / Invest in the project

The people, who order the production of a film for their company, think that their work stops when they have chosen the production company. It is a mistake. In my experience, the most successful films are those for which a team is chosen internally to accompany the production from beginning to end. Your involvement will optimize the production time.

4. be brief and incentive

From the first impression, your customer will want to know more so be brief and incentive. Nowadays, knowing how to keep people’s attention is a challenge, they are attracted to what is fast and clear hence the importance of presenting them with a video of 1 to 2 minutes maximum.

5. Concern your strengths

Concentrate on your strengths, those that distinguish you from others. It is very likely that this is what will make them hang. Make them feel the “wow!” They will not hesitate to do business with you!

6. Identify the purpose of your video

This fundamental step, focus on what you want to achieve with your video, what do you want your audience to retain after watching it? Trying to achieve all your goals in one video is not a winning formula.