International Business (Co Major

23/09/2023 By Qin

The major in International Business is a recent development within the School of Business (Commerce Division) It recognises that business is being conducted in a dynamic, global environment and that organisations, both in New Zealand and through the world, need individuals who can work across the traditional functional boundaries as well as across national borders. In addition, oral and written English communication courses are part of the curriculum, in order to improve your mastery of the language for business purposes. Please note that if you are required to meet an English language condition, we offer a number of ‘pre-sessional’ courses in English for Academic Purposes You attend these courses before starting your degree programme.

The module will examine how different business types use financial data in the measurement of their performance. The Master of International Business (MIB) program is a unique hybrid of a business degree and an international affairs degree. The programme team includes several researchers who publish regularly while also working with local and national businesses and international research groups on cutting edge projects.

An international course in each major is reqired if a student has more than one major. The Sauder School of Business offers Commerce-specific exchange programs and summer programs in Shanghai and Europe. You will train in advanced problem solving in an international context, and learn theoretical concepts, models, and tools derived from relevant research.

We’re constantly updating the range of modules on offer to reflect the ever-changing world of business. As example, if companies from outside want to open a new business in Malaysia, they must respect the culture of doing business based on Malaysia’s halal products.

There is an increasing amount of demand for business people with an education in International Business. If we affraid to face the such type of risk and problem or liability, we cant run a business. In your third year, your modules will include International Human Resource Management and Global Marketing, developing your international management skills.