Sales & Business Development Jobs In Pakistan

16/09/2018 By Qin

The job of Business Development is to go out and drive the whole company forward. Development strategies based on a strategic marketing plan for example will address a changing customer base and market dynamics, help one to understand horizontal and vertical target market opportunities and how to develop the right products, services and solutions to meet the target market needs.

If, on the other hand, you hear information that feels real, has substance, and reflects an understanding of the subject, you may have found someone who can truly help you shortcut the learning curve of building your business, help you reduce costs, and help you significantly move your small business or mid-sized company forward.

If you are reading this and identified a negative business developer among your team or identified a negative employee among your staff, take my advice, let him go, he is probably better off somewhere else, if you cannot let him go, try to isolate him as much as possible from interacting with other team members, his negativity will spread to others around him like a disease.

Great Business Developers always demonstrate interest in other people around, they are excellent in starting conversations and really interested in learning about from other people they engage, the recognize the contributions of other people around them and do not care to take credit for the jobs done.

Products and services are tactical ways to get something doneā€¦but understanding the strategy of where someone is and where they want to go can bring you to a whole new level of a relationship with your customers and potential customers and get them to see the value in a relationship with you and your company.