The Kind of Fortune People Are Right to Envy

01/01/2019 By Qin

As children, we are taught to become contented with what we have. Our young minds are molded to be appreciative of the things around us and to shield ourselves from feelings of envy. However, there will always be times when we can’t help but let the little green monster take a small peek outside – especially when you start seeing how much online companies are making in a single day!

I mean, have you seen the zeroes on their profit charts? It’s unsurmountable. It’s the kind of cash most people won’t get to have in their lifetime – or even just touch or see. It’s normal to feel justa a tad bit jealous after witnessing such an immense amount of profit. Unfortunately for you, we won’t feel satisfied until you get to experience exactly what we have after seeing how amazing the biggest internet superpowers’ bank accounts look like. In these infographics by Loanable, you’ll get to see how Facebook, Google, Apple, and other big names are doing in their respective industries. Witness how ridiculously magnanimous their profits are per minute! But instead of looking at things with a spectacle of envy, take it as a challenge and an inspiration to be better, bolder, and more competent at what you do.

Who knows? You might get in the list too, someday!