Tips for Organizing an Interesting Workshop

14/03/2020 By Qin

Workshop is an activity that aims to share knowledge whose primary function is to educate participants. Generally, participants consist of the general public and workers who have different goals. In addition to being a place to share knowledge, the seminar also has many benefits.

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Here are tips for organizing an interesting seminar:

Seminar Theme

In holding a seminar, determining the theme of the workshop is very important. Determine an exciting seminar theme, relevant to the latest issues, and the needs of today’s society. By determining the subject of the seminar, we then make it easier to learn the choice of speakers to be invited. And prepare other needs related to the theme of the workshop.

Choosing a Seminar Place

When holding a seminar, choosing the location/venue of the seminar will also be necessary. Choose a place that is in a strategic location and easily accessible by public transportation. Also pay attention to facilities and infrastructure such as electricity capacity, sound system, room capacity, air conditioning, etc.

Speaker and Moderator

Speakers and moderators are two essential things. When the speaker starts to look dull, the moderator must be able to adjust the rhythm and break the ice on the seminar.

Prepare equipment and equipment needed

In holding a seminar, of course, we need a variety of equipment and equipment to support the seminar. Of the various types and kinds of needs, equipment, and equipment that must be provided are loudspeakers and stationery in the form of notepaper, pens/pencils, blackboards, markers, etc