Tips For Successful Social Media Marketing

15/12/2018 By Qin

Tips For Successful Social Media Marketing

Many businesses have seen the value of using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc. to get their services and products to a wider audience. They can also efficiently reach out to their current audience to stay on the radar.

However, it’s important to remember that approaching social media from a business standpoint is slightly different from that of a personal standpoint.

There are certain aspects that a business needs to keep in mind in order to make an impact on their audience while accounting for their brand’s reputation and marketing goals. The last thing you want to do is annoy people into unfollowing your company.

There is a lot more planning behind running a business’ social media account than meets the eye, but your way of posting and interacting should appear natural. You cannot let your followers get the impression you are communicating with them according to a careful strategy, even if that is actually the case.

For all businesses, their end goal is to sell products or services and make money, and a great social media account can help you achieve these goals. However, the accounts need to sound like there is a human running things and not a marketing bot.

It is important to have a person create the posts and to advertise what the company does but not too much and too often. A good measure can be that 20 percent of the posts are the promotional content and 80 percent can be about informing, educating, and entertaining.

But this is a starting point, you will need to keep track of the results and adjust accordingly. Your followers aren’t going to find much value in constant advertising and they not going to respond positively to irrelevant information. The timing of the posts and the broader interests of your target audience are also important considerations.

A consistent tone and way of wording is a great way to keep people coming to the accounts and maintain interest in your brand. Adding a few jokes here and there, even if they are a little corny, shows that a live person is running the accounts. Making your followers smile will not hurt your brand as long as the jokes do not offend.

For example, let’s say you are running the Twitter of BACO Enterprises and you need to talk about TC bolts but you want to be creative with your posting. You could tweet something like:

All together now: Bolts, bolts, other bolts, TC bolts stay where you put them. They won’t … #bolt #pun #BACO

It is silly, but it gets the message across that the company is upbeat about their offerings and a real person is running the account.

Interacting with the audience is also a great way to market your services from answering questions such as:

– Hey, which bolts should I use for this? [Inserted picture]

– Ummm, that’s a tough one, we would suggest 1852 TC bolt fasteners.

Merely commenting on what people post about in relation to what your company does is a great way to encourage interaction. Even a simple ‘like’ can drive people to your social media accounts to see what you are all about.

It’s also a good idea to reply to questions as soon as possible since many people expect an answer in hours, if not minutes. The bottom line of the article is to make your social media accounts sound human, be helpful, and give followers a reason to stay informed.