Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools, And Applications

20/07/2023 By Qin

Mention allows you to monitor what’s being said about you online and on social media. For example, employees of the city of Albuquerque used BI software to identify opportunities to cut cell phone usage, overtime and other operating expenses, saving the city $2 million during three years. Check out these live Business Intelligence demos for examples of reports, charts, scorecards and dashboards that satisfy diverse end user requirements on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

Look at the level of participation within the Steering Committee, if the business representatives tend to be missing or passive, alarm bells should be ringing. While Tibco is still making the transition from a desktop to a cloud software vendor, its self-service business intelligence (BI) tool Tibco Spotfire is a great way to start visualizing your Excel data.

Give all decision makers anytime, anywhere access to real-time business intelligence. And everyone agreed that all business people need education on critical thinking to become analytically driven. The path to effective data visualization begins with the development of relevant skills through learning and a great deal of practice.

Data Silos: According to Tech Target, a data silo is data that is under the control of one department or person and is isolated from the rest of the organization.” Data silos are a bottleneck for effective business operations. This course focuses on the basics of business by introducing students to business environments in which they focus on the big picture, identify internal and external opportunities for growth, and manage resources.

Our research team is constantly communicating with agency officials and reviewing donor strategy documents to cover thousands of tender notices and create proprietary reports on business opportunities before they’re publicly announced. This is a limited example of how business intelligence can increase profits and reduce costs when used properly.