Core Competency Vs. Compentency Trap

04/02/2023 By Qin

This three-year degree taught in two is designed for students who want to fast track to their career. It will introduce a range of contemporary issues associated with the formulation and implementation of corporate and business strategies with an emphasis on identifying and implementing strategic change within the organisation, building dynamic capabilities and developing coherent strategies.

Research specialisms which inform teaching on the programme include intellectual property protection systems in diverse institutional settings; the impact of geographical location (including in major cities), on the strategies and operations of multinational firms; the impact of differences in institutional systems for the strategies of multinational firms; and strategy and operations in emerging economies, including technology transfer.

Note: if English or Māori is the student’s native language it is required that 108 points of approved language and/or culture papers (18 points of which is business language, and at least 18 points of which is an approved related culture paper) be taken.

BTEC Extended Diploma in Business is accepted with grades DDD, other BTEC subjects are considered on a case by case basis. A day in the life of an international business professional could involve reaching all the way around the world, either in person or virtually.

You will learn the critical-thinking skills and have the cultural awareness you need to make sound business decisions in any marketplace. Our wage structure is very flat with the best-paid workers earning less than three times that of the lowest paid. The different disciplines of business and their combination in management planning and decision-making.