Python training to Enhance your Skills

01/02/2024 By Qin


If you are a beginner to Python language or if you are vividly looking to take up your career in application development or web development, then you must definitely opt for Python training from Zeolearn that is specially designed for candidates like you.

Being a beginner’s course, this training teaches you all the basics of Python, its architecture, design philosophy, scripts, packages, how to unit test and much more. You are guaranteed to get an immersive training that will greatly assist you to complete your future projects in Python quite easily at your workplace. You can enrol for this course online and pick from any of the four modes of learning available – namely, online classroom, classroom, one to one training or team/corporate training. You can view the schedules for each of the modes of learning and choose the one that suits your availability. The course is brought to you by experienced staffs and trainers who have many years of experience in Python. They greatly help you to implement Python in your future projects. Python is widely getting popular among all the software developers and IT sectors for its productivity, volatility and robust functions. So never hesitate to pick this Python beginners training course, and you are sure to enjoy its benefits to the core.

Learning and Takeaways

A Python training teaches you the following.

  • Teaches you to use object-oriented design in Python and its libraries and help you create Python packages
  • Teaches the basic scripting in Python language
  • Explains how to unit test Python applications
  • Helps you to explore the best available features and capabilities in Python
  • Helps you to discover the strong integration and text processing features of Python in applications
  • Teaches you all the insight required to build the programming concepts using Python
  • Teaches how to allow Python to integrate with the database, document processing and web technologies.
  • Teaches advanced features of Python namely file operations, regular expressions, working on binary data and modules.

The course is a blend of theory and practical classes and help you easily understand the real world of Python. You are expected to dedicate at least ten hours of your time in assignments, self-study and live classes per week. At the end of the training, the course offers valuable takeaways which include webinars, materials and guidance presentations for your future reference. If you miss any session, you can readily choose an alternate session from the next live batch and not miss any section of the training. You can pick up the class with your tablet or smartphone.

Why Must You Choose Zeolearn

Zeolearn is a very popular online course providing academy that offers a wide range of courses suitable for all programming and application developing careers. Candidates who are looking for a specific language to expertise can check with the knowledge professionals here. You name the course and we show it to you! Zeolearn has collaborated with major corporate companies in providing hand on training after the course and get you into a job in the meanwhile.