SMU Undergraduate

03/04/2022 By Qin

Every individuals, groups or organization dreams to have successful business but only few gets success or meets their objectives. The module has a focus on business responsibility of all of those areas, concentrating on professional codes of conduct in areas such as the banking industry, accounting and similar finance areas, and the types of dilemmas that graduates could face in professional practice.

Purpose: The purpose of this module is to equip the student with the relevant knowledge and skills to become an invaluable asset to any organisation in the field of administrative management. Through this you already knowing where strength in the business lies which will avoid you from taking the wrong steps which can cause a loss for the business.

The URBS is a student-run society that brings together business students and professionals, provides opportunities to attend business events both on campus and in London, and enter into national business and entrepreneurship competitions. An advanced degree typically takes an additional one to two years beyond the bachelor’s level.

Some graduates choose to undertake further study in subjects such as marketing, finance, human resources, computing/ICT and international business management in order to develop their expertise in a particular area of business. Another tool to utilize in management is what we refer to as a Customer Relationship Management or CRM for short.

The school not only boasts of a rigorous Post Graduate Program, but also of projects not found in other management institutes. Students in the Bachelor of Science in Business Management program cannot receive credit for both these courses. Take classes in critical business areas like marketing, management and technology, and learn to demonstrate leadership skills as you gain a well-rounded education you can use in a variety of organizational settings.